Game 3D Stunt Pilot online

Game 3D Stunt Pilot

Game 3D Stunt Pilot online.

You love freedom and open spaces? Then the flight maneuverability glider you just have to taste. Our agency offers a great opportunity to fly in a small airplane YURKOM that perfectly obeys your every touch! You expect great feeling of free flight, which completely depends solely on your desires and capabilities, as well as the sea of ​​amazing scenery that opens the porthole when you once again turn the steering wheel to the side. Well, for thrills is always a place in heaven, because here any pilot error could cost him his life, and improperly performed loop forever imprinted on a small plane to the solid surface of the soil! If you are ready to test themselves on the strength and the strength of his spirit upon and firmness, then welcome aboard our mini-glider, the main place where the first pilot is waiting for its hero! The endless expanse of the heavens has been languishing in anticipation of who dare to conquer them!

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