Game iPlayer: Battlegrounds of Eldhelm online

Game iPlayer: Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

Game iPlayer: Battlegrounds of Eldhelm online.

Online browser game Battlegrounds of Eldhelm was launched in 2014 But now it continues to evolve, acquiring upgrades and improvements. This is a fantasy product, where the players do not fight with swords and cards, making their progress and lunges on the table. To get acquainted with the basic elements and classes, it is necessary to register and start playing Battlegrounds of Eldhelm. Study the map: fighters, shooters, Orc, Mages, Elves and Men. Since each endowed with certain qualities, they effectively act against one opponent's cards, but inferior to others. The strength of each can be enhanced if you put them in combination with the cards: a mythical, epic, unique, rare, elite.
First round of training is useful to go through to get an idea of ​​the gameplay. Guided pointers and information in pop-up windows, you will understand how to play their cards in iPlayer Battlegrounds of Eldhelm. Moves are not many, and each card has a corresponding place on the field. When the round is completed, it will be summed up to identify the winner on points. Sometimes points are burned, if the opponent has collected more than successful combination capable razdushit your tandem.
More particularly, what progress has been achieved, tell the information field, where your achievements are painted on points: Done both sides, damage to yourself, combos, cure, block punches.
To date cards Battlefield Eldhelma created quite a lot, but they keep on coming. Each should be studied by reading its characteristics, and try to remember. During the game, his collection to become a dangerous enemy and fight with no less worthy player in real time. It will bring a new experience and will help hone your skills.

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