Game iPlayer: Heaven online

Game iPlayer: Heaven

Game iPlayer: Heaven online.

Beautiful Heaven online game, it's a cocktail of different genres, where there are elements of the logical fun turn-based strategy and role-playing games. After entering through a social network or registering you get the Flying Island. But it is far from paradise, which you think. Once it was just such, but now takes place on the island of terrible battles between the factions, which united three cult. You become a Guardian tree that grows in the center of the island and is sacred. First you have to make a choice in favor of the cult of Celebration, Defender, Virgo, or horror, grief, Destroyer.
To develop your island, you have to play Heaven and build a cave, a school of magicians, shop and arena. Each of them will improve to improve the characteristics and capabilities of buildings. Of these, in each you can get additional skills. For example, in the school of magicians you get new spells or abilities hone existing ones; in the store to buy items of equipment improved, and the cave promises to bestow countless treasures. Gradually, you gain life and earning power, diamonds and crystals - game currency.
Battle in Heaven iPlayer occur in the arena after the players have placed the characters. Each assigned a role: some "fun" in the melee, another doctor of the victims, others cast spells. To make a move, choose an element: the skull, ankh or colored stone, and then tell it to move the cage, which is within one step (up / down or left / right). Progress is made when a number is three or more identical pieces. Each object has its own strength and is able to inflict damage on the enemy. Defeated losing their resources, and the winner takes the spoils, crystals and experience.

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