Game iPlayer: Desert Operations online

Game iPlayer: Desert Operations

Game iPlayer: Desert Operations online.

Military strategy browser based online Desert Operations is perfect for those who want to take the world domination. Teaming up with multiple players, you'll have to destroy your opponents. However, at the beginning of the game you'll absolutely alone, do you help your guide who will introduce you to the course of affairs, which will make. Listen carefully to him and go to conquer the world.
Like most war games - a game begins with the construction of certain buildings, this building here is the General Staff. From it you will keep all of its military and political affairs. When you need to gather enough resources to build and maintain an army. Food for the soldiers is also very important, without it they can not win the battle. Build barracks, backwaters, airfields and other things that can be useful in battle. To improve his troops need to develop new technologies or you can engage in espionage, which also will bring you a slight advantage. Desert Operations play very interesting, it develops strategic skills, you may find useful in the future.
iPlayer Desert Operations is intended primarily for social networking. If you have enough friends and create your own alliance without any problems. As for inviting friends you will earn additional bonuses. In this world, nothing stands still, he is developing together with you, so watch out for innovations and use them in full.

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