Game iPlayer: Tropicalla online

Game iPlayer: Tropicalla

Game iPlayer: Tropicalla online.

Each person must have at least once imagined a situation in which he suddenly lost his memory, and would get to some uninhabited island, which is literally filled with many dangerous creatures and delicious fruit that can be found in every branch of virtually any tree . To survive in such conditions, even difficult, but realistically, because we offer you to try yourself as a temporary resident of one of these islands. Realizing that the metropolis is possible to relax, albeit in such unusual circumstances, you will need to go to your backpack, which is thrown on the shore. As it turned out, there was a major airliner crash, after which the plane began to fall over the sea, and all the other passengers that were with you, disappeared in an unknown direction. Try to adapt to the wild island to become not just surviving one of its residents, and the most powerful pirate tropical seas. Since the tropics always been known for sudden storms, you should take care to build improvised himself a house. To do this, collect grass, rocks, reeds, chop palm and other tropical trees, then collecting all resources and then think carefully about the construction of the premises should be addressed first. Please note that the performance of each action you take will have the strength and energy which will gradually be replenished with the rest. Also you will receive experience points, thus increasing their own level.

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