Game Dogonyanya online

Game Dogonyanya

Game Dogonyanya online.

Egghead Ping decided to help their friends, so create a unique robot - a nanny who must care for bezolabernym joker crumble. But this robonyanya so tortured round bunny that he no longer knows how to get rid of it - the only available way to save him - it's an escape. That's only necessary to always keep the ears open to catch the heavy tread of the mechanical time tormentor and avoid encounters with her. Friends promised to help hide the poor fellow crumble, but he would have to start to run far away from his own house, and the clang of ungreased hinges already quite close! The only hope for the success of venture - it's your timely help, because you do see where this monster is approaching, so headed jumper to the opposite side of it, to have been Krosha time refreshed carrot, sneak out of the clutches of iron diktatorshi! Otherwise, our hero will not joking - and forcibly fed porridge and sleeping in diapers was packed, just the trouble!

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