Game iPlayer: Botva online

Game iPlayer: Botva

Game iPlayer: Botva online.

In the world of gaming, and again there were two representatives of completely irreconcilable animals - Piggy and barantusov reason enmity which to this day remains a mystery to all, as the conflict untied a long time and in Far Far Away kingdom. This kingdom is characterized in that the hierarchy has changed with the human animal - now only men are slaves and servants in pigs with rams. At the very beginning of the game, select the faction that you are more attracted, after analyzing the characteristics of each. Then you can perform a test match in a local "bodalke" to understand all the intricacies of combat and general strengths and weaknesses of the selected character. After every fight you will earn experience points and resources that will be helpful in further bleeding player. Boy, you can engage with whoever you want, but for this, observe the characteristics of your character and level, so that did not work, so that you constantly lose. Before an active struggle with other players be engaged in the construction of his house, as soon as it is your strength that will save you all the collected resources, and it can only protect you if someone tries to attack suddenly. In order to receive any bonuses, loans and outbuildings, and around the house do not forget to do plantations, take care of that and will the human race. Later, try to master one of the professions - on the farm, mine or altogether guard, because the only way you can make money.