Game Age of Defense 4 hacked online

Game Age of Defense 4 hacked

Game Age of Defense 4 hacked online.

The army of monsters led by the leader of approaching your fortress. You as the last good soldier and head of the army must stop the invasion. On the battlefield closely monitor the resources that are required for the hiring of troops. If they run out and you will not have people, you lose. First victory, I read the tree improvements, there you will find the most powerful types of troops, to recruit them as needed glasses to improve. Get them you can fight or you can use cheats, which are provided in the game. Q - will give you enough money to produce soldiers, E - will return spent your life fortress, if damaged, R - automatically take medical treatment not only the fortress, but also a soldier, T - an instant win, O - open to you at all levels, and I - all improvements.

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