Game iPlayer: Technomagic online

Game iPlayer: Technomagic

Game iPlayer: Technomagic online.

Technomagic game is a great mix of role-playing games and massively multiplayer strategy. The whole story takes place in a virtual world, Eleanor. Many centuries ago, all the beings who inhabit the magical world to live in peace and harmony, but harmony came to an end. Humans and dwarves have begun a relentless war among themselves, they died by the thousands, but stop and agree they could not. Goblins, one more creature inhabiting Eleanor took a neutral stand, they are just watching a bloody battle, and cashing in on the disaster and helping one and other. Play the game Technomagic can be either on the side of the people, their settlement called Långholmen, or on the side of the gnomes live in Khatoge. Dwarfs and men differ not only in appearance, but also its development. Gnomes have chosen the path of science and technology development, and their underground world filled with riches that produce and store more than one generation. Warriors gnomes strong their magic perfected over the centuries. The people have chosen the path of creativity, among them a lot of brilliant artists and writers, but the war eliminated the age-old achievements. Taking up arms people have unsurpassed courage and bravery. Getting Technomagic game play have on the side of people or the dwarves. Having defined the choice of the player is waiting for a beautiful world, but beauty is skin deep, it is dangerous and ruthless. Centuries of war has led to the fact that good gods had turned away from the creatures created by them and rained down on the world of his anger. From prison came to light the terrible monsters and monsters, destroying all life in its path. The iPlayer Technomagic, becoming one of the parties, users get their own hero, passed its baptism of fire and carrying out orders of their people, the hero gains experience and develops. Over time, it can become the strongest and enter into the history of the wizarding world. All fights with monsters controlled by artificial intelligence and warring nations, controlled by real players are in a logical battle. The battlefield is the selected area with the crystals in the cells, moving them so as to obtain at least three players in the group steps blows from each other, blood is not only the mind and the right strategy will bring victory. To start playing Technomagic registration is necessary, it is not difficult to pass, you can fill out a form by writing in her e-mail address or use fast entry by clicking on one of the social networks.

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