Game iPlayer: Legends of Honor online

Game iPlayer: Legends of Honor

Game iPlayer: Legends of Honor online.

Game Legends of Honor dizzying online strategy for those few of their feudal fiefdoms, this game allows you to build your own invincible empire. Become a wise ruler can each thank about his combat exploits instantly smashed around the virtual world. Starting to play the game Legends of Honor, the user enters in the past, during the Middle Ages. The once- rich lands ravaged long war between the power-hungry feudal lords, the people scared and poor, everywhere a thriving banditry and lawlessness. In the end, all the belligerents are divided into three powerful factions, they are equal in strength, so that win and take control of the entire territory fails to none. Players can join one of the strengths of the world and help to win the endless war, and eventually himself become the autocratic ruler. iPlayer Legends of Honor military strategy of challenging players, here the terrain and terrain affect the ability of the troops to win over opponents, some units do an excellent job with the orders of the forests, while others are more productive in open areas and mountain ranges. Drawing on its side characters, users will be able to move on a huge map of the world and attack enemies, the stronger character, the higher the number of tricks he could train soldiers, it directly affects the outcome of the battle. The Legends of Honor to play need not just winning fame on the battlefields, the great ruler is necessary to adjust the economy to maintain a powerful army, for it has a resource of construction and production. Build can be only a limited number of special buildings, so I have very wisely and carefully dispose of free space. Total resources of three types, it - stone, timber and food, coins are the game currency, gems and universal. In order to join the Legends of Honor game registration is required, it will not take more than a minute, and then begins the emperor provided training. After learning all the intricacies of the menu you need to determine the fraction to which the player joins. This choice depends on what alliances will be a beginner. Valorous battle brings glasses glory governor and many bonuses, but if a player wants to flop over to the enemy, succeeding fraction glasses glory disappear, and his expel alliance. The path to power is thorny, but waiting for the strongest universal veneration.

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