Game iPlayer: Tidal Trek online

Game iPlayer: Tidal Trek

Game iPlayer: Tidal Trek online.

Game Sea Battle for the brave captains
The theme of pirates continues to excite the imagination of romantics and adventurers. Which of the boys did not present himself as a brave captain of the ship of the waters with a black flag with Jolly Roger proudly dissecting foamy waves? The game of sea battle opens the way to unprecedented adventures, dangers, travels, battles. Along with other players, you will play Sea Battle, developing your own island, strengthening the flotilla, fighting enemies in any plane: on water, in the depths, and even in the sky. You will be available PVE and PVP battles, massive battles in the guild, as well as turn-based skirmishes in the company of your pets. History of events
Such an attractive pirate life seems also because it takes us into the century when people made a serious step in the conquest of the water element. They learned to build ships, sending them to long voyages. This allowed us to discover many new lands inhabited by different nations with their own culture. A new milestone in the development of trade has begun, because uncharted territory is another market, and at the same time the opportunity to acquire something special for yourself. If you play the game Battleship, you seem to rediscover all the possibilities for development and enrichment. But where there is profit, always expect conflict and thieves who prefer to live on the ready. While merchants conclude profitable deals and get richer, pirate gangs await caravans loaded with valuables, and rob them. In addition, the death of the emperor led to the gradual decline of the economy, and conflicts between Aldrichs from the East and Douglas from the West began, which gradually developed into an open war that broke out in the Bay of Black Waters. The rebels grew bolder and, weakening the northern lands, began to capture the Southern Ocean. Pirates, into battle! Your Adventure begins the Battle of the Sea registration, then you choose your appearance from two male and two female images, then get acquainted with the assistant, who meets you, and introduces the rules, events, gives the task and helps to fulfill it. The first battle baptism will be a battle with a sea monster - a huge turtle. This battle will demonstrate the basic capabilities and principle of control before sending you to a more serious mission in iPlayer Sea Battle. You miraculously escaped after a shipwreck, and the only boat you can use is a small boat. You will agree that you will not fight on such a floating vehicle, and you urgently need to get a real ship. Locals are always asking for something, and this is a great reason to make money on them in order to build a real combat ship. Gradually, you will accumulate currency with experience, which will allow you to expand your fleet with new ships, as well as strengthen the bases on the island, and even study the science of trade. The fights in Tidal Trek are conducted on the system of step-by-step actions, and you get the role of a strategist who puts the participants of the battle in places. Having reached a certain status, you can hire captains and then teach them unique skills that will be useful on the battlefield. When you have a pet, he will also contribute to the development of events. But not one war is interesting game. Pay attention to the arrangement of the island, because it is also an important part of the progress. • Manor - the main building on the island. Without it, development and collection of taxes is impossible. • Timber - helps to accumulate the necessary amount of wood for the construction of ships. • Doc - provides additional materials. • Transport ships - attract bosses with impressive rewards.

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