Game Olly's Medal Run online

Game Olly's Medal Run

Game Olly's Medal Run online.

Funny character Olli watching with interest for the passage of the Olympic Games in 2016 in Rio. But the hero does not like to be idle, he decides to contribute to the production of gold medals and offers together with him to participate in the all-around. Why choose sports, if you can take part in all competitions in the queue, and collect medals. Start the race many kilometers with Olly's Medal Run and on the track there will be barriers, which means that will steeplechase, then appears on the football field and the athlete has tumbled down balls that need to recapture, floating on the water path and take a long jump. When the hero will be boxing gloves, wait for the opponent and place it, without stopping. Do not forget in the heat of battle to collect the gold medal, it is for them you went on a long run.

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