Game Slacking game school online

Game Slacking game school

Game Slacking game school online.

Lucy is not the kind of girls who diligently in school, she does not like math and reading, but loves to be naughty, not sit for textbooks. The game Slacking game school you went along with the fun and Lucy and help her not to get caught. The teacher left the girl after school, she still hopes to raise a good student, but it is unlikely to help may not come more time. So, where to start, have the baby a lot of plans, offer you along with the heroine to realize them. Watch out, as soon as a strict teacher of the class will start looking in her purse with pencils and erasers round colorful candy if have time to perform the task, then you're in luck before the exclamation mark. Further, the Slacking game school game can throw paper balls at classmates who sit in front, to paint the backpack, something he had completely lost color, paint your nails a bright red lacquer, inflate a large bubble of gum, folded in a neat pile of school supplies and decorate the pyramid banana . All things must be done in secret, if a teacher notices that a pupil is engaged in is not a mathematical problem, it is very angry, and the poor thing will have to stay after school every day and pore over examples. Spend at Lucy and game Slacking game school a few pleasant minutes, you will quickly be able to cope with the tasks set in the game, if any one will not have time to perform before you zasekut, will have to start over. Wonderful bright 3D graphics, funny characters, funny story - the main advantages of the game, you will not be disappointed by spending time on it, so do not miss it. The toy will bring you not only fun, but will benefit, you will improve observation, the ability to notice details, you will be able to quickly orient themselves in space, finding what you need. Play on mobile phones smartphones and tablets, now you are not tied to your home chair, saving considerable time.

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