Game Silly Bombs and Space Invaders online

Game Silly Bombs and Space Invaders

Game Silly Bombs and Space Invaders online.

You are on the planet in the game Silly Bombs and Space Invaders, where military operations take place. Landed alien ship landed and scouts who want to scout out the situation and see how the planet habitable. Their own home unsafe and little black humanoids look for a new planetoid in the universe, that arrived here. Their Destination not passed unnoticed, alert patrol quickly spotted enemy ships and noticed where dispersed spies. Charge the flamethrower and destroy enemies, pulling them in any place. The situation will seem hopeless aliens managed to hide behind the impenetrable walls, use a bounce, objects that are nearby. Game Silly Bombs and Space Invaders - is both a shooter and a puzzle game, because you need to make an accurate shot only after a thorough analysis and evaluation of the situation. A lot of obstacles in the way of the projectile flight will make you jittery, besides the amount of ammunition is limited. Remember that you should not harm the green essence - a local resident caught hostage in the invaders. Your goal - creatures with the heads of the bombs, they explode themselves, is ognennolmu charge touch them. To replenish the number of points in the game Silly Bombs and Space Invaders destroy shot cacti, and other bonus items, they will point cloud, so you do not make a mistake. Now you will be able to play on mobile devices, which significantly expands access to the game at any time, anywhere. Going on business, grab a toy with them, will be free time, you can share it with your favorite game.

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