Game Super Princess Detective online

Game Super Princess Detective

Game Super Princess Detective online.

Super Barbie and Lady Bug united in Super Princess Detective, to find a dangerous criminal who terrorized the virtual world game, doing a robbery with explosions. Help beauties successfully play the role of detective. The main thing in the work of detectives - a search for clues that link the offender to the crime scene, it will not only prove his involvement, but also get a sketch of the attacker, even if it is not seen by witnesses. Start the search in the house, you need to find all the hidden heart pushes the curtains, remove things, open chests and doors. To move to a new location, you need to dial a certain number of coins, and this is possible if you can not go wrong and will have time to find all the required facilities for a few seconds. Next in Super Princess Detective search complicated, because it will have to find fingerprints and legs, locks of hair, and especially dangerous objects - dynamite and bombs. Princess detectives must prevent a terrorist act, to save the city from destruction, and the inhabitants from destruction. The account goes for seconds, hurry up, look in the trash cans, check the outputs and facades of buildings. Gathering information of the four elements: gender, skin color, hair color, you can identify and select from the presented characters who is to blame for all the troubles and who just need to grab and put under lock and key. Game Super Princess Detective - established on the basis of html5, why spend detective with super girls you will be able to anywhere your mobile device receives the internet. Play online without overloading your tablet or smartphone applications or additional software to play the toy, simply log in to the website, choose the game and enjoy a pleasant pastime in his spare time. A few minutes of the game with beautiful graphics and interesting plot will be found always tense in your daily schedule.

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