Game Little Alchemy online

Game Little Alchemy

Game Little Alchemy online.

In ancient times we lived alchemists who could connect the various elements that allow to obtain new substances and objects. And the ancient alchemists were old men with long beards. And no wonder, because this training left their whole life long, and they could not know all the secrets of this fascinating science. Can not be said about you, my young friend, because in front of you game Little Alchemist, where you can do real magic. You will connect the various items here, which allows you to create new items. And you do all this will be in the empty world, which surely will be transformed after you have had a hand. Initially, you will have 4 elements: fire, water, air and earth. Start them to connect with each other using a combination conceived. Gradually, the game Little Alchemy will give you more and more new items. And all of them you will be able to connect again, thus expanding its own set of objects and properties. And gradually, in this world there will be cities, towns, clouds, volcanoes, rivers and more. Everything is limited only by your imagination, because playing the game Little Alchemist can be almost infinitely. all you 560 different items and features will be available, which you can get. Gameplay in Little Alchemy game is very simple. You just need to go through the right arm region selected items on the playing space. superimposing them on each other. If they can connect, then instantly turning them happen, and you will become the owner of the new object. Gradually, you can get more and more complex objects. that will allow you to develop this world in which very soon will be able to support life because of your efforts. Some recipes online game of HTML5:
Water-water = sea
Fire-clay brick =
Brick-Brick = Brick Wall. This is only a small part of the potential in this application, I hope you'll be able to solve all the mysterious alchemy recipes and then you can pass for a real alchemist, which is subject to almost everything in this world.

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