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Game online.

Today we are happy to present you an interesting and exciting online multiplayer game Zlap. and about. In it we'll plunge into the exciting world of small and funny monsrikov who are constantly at war with each other. The war they have going for one simple reason, they need to absorb the energy of each other that would just move on. You'll play as one of these creatures. At the beginning of the game you choose a nickname for yourself and find yourself in a closed space where there will be several of the same players as you are. As a weapon you will be connected with your mace thread, using it you will beat your enemies, and it also will get the energy if you kill someone. The main thing, do not stand still, constantly moving, to build their movement so that most would not get hit is the same as your clubs, and of course not to run into monsters by the enemy or you will die. In general survivability of your character depends on your dexterity and speed of movement. all activities are managed using the keys on the keyboard. Remember that the more enemies you kill the better, because your mace will be modified, and grow in size. Also, you will be given bonuses that you can use, but spend them wisely. Remember that before the total loss of your character you have several lives, and if you spend it will lose the round. The winner goes the one who killed the most enemies. homicide statistics will be displayed in the upper right corner, where there will be a visible list of players. Game Zlap. io thanks to the writers of the company has a rather interesting story, beautiful graphics and sound. You can play it online only. To do this, you can log in anonymously or use one of your accounts from certain social networks. At the latest version of all your achievements will be displayed on your profile player. Also, you can invite to play in Zlap. io his friends, because fun is best for the company. So go ahead and win in this game!

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