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Game online.

Today we are happy to present you an interesting and exciting online multiplayer game Splix. io which is somewhat reminiscent of the well-known game Snake. But the developers decided to slightly complicate your game play, the more you play now is not the one you played lots of other players. The essence of the game is as follows. At the beginning of the gameplay you appear in a kind of house, and driving with the arrow keys from the keyboard will be able to guide the movements of your character. Your task by constructing a trajectory and closing all in the space already belongs to you to seize territory for themselves. Right in the corner you will see the mini map on which will be seen as opponents, and their so-called houses. The winner is the one who has captured the most territory. You can also get in the way of their opponents, as they will. To destroy the enemy you need to catch him when he tries to cut a piece of territory, and their character to cross its line of motion. Then our enemy hero dies and the territory of which he took to escape. For everything you have only a few tries (lives) and if you do lose it will waste a round. Game Splix. io is a bit different from the usual us Snakes, but this will only benefit. We are confident that the storyline will be enjoyed by players of all ages and will keep them on their toes the entire game. You can play anonymously simply by entering your nickname in the field and using the account of the social network. Then, your progress will be visible to others. We would recommend the game to load Splix. io your friends, loved ones and friends. After all, the spirit of competition inherent to each player and you can arrange a competition between themselves and spend fun time.

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