Game Swipe Art Puzzle online

Game Swipe Art Puzzle

Game Swipe Art Puzzle online.

Everyone is familiar with the childhood game - tag. they have become in our computer time transformed and now this puzzle game can be not only 15 squares with numbers, and be much more diverse. The game Swipe Art Puzzle you will face with a simple puzzle game. It is possible to be in this picture gallery, because the pictures, which are divided into small fragments uneasy, and are reproductions of famous artists. These creators did not stint on the small details that can help you, and get lost in the collection of pictures, and it can also be a good hint to you. You may notice that there is no one piece of the picture. But as soon as all the rest will fall into place with your help, it will immediately appear missing pieces and the level can be considered passed. Do you want to see all the famous paintings? Then the game Fifteen: picture gallery is waiting for you in a good mood and well-developed logic. In the gallery you can see all the pictures that you have to collect at a time. But so far they hanging lock. To click on the piece that you want to move. You do not get bored with these pictures, because they do not like each other, and each tells his amazing story. Game Fifteen: Art Gallery has collected a dozen works of artists who will remain in the memory of their fans for a long time. And they will remember you and, while you add a picture from small pieces.

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