Game Lava Sword online

Game Lava Sword

Game Lava Sword online.

In ancient times there were bandits who seized the civilians for their own benefit. And there are heroes who always rushed to the rescue of everyone who was in trouble. As the game Lava Sword, where your hero must reach the regular prisoners and rescue them. But during this run rampant it expects a large number of interferences, with which you need help to cope. Hazards will be several types. From some you just need to shy away, jumping on an adjacent path. Make it pretty easy, just simply click your mouse on the track in the game Lava: The Sword and the character immediately jump there. And yet there are zombies and skeletons for the destruction of which in the hand of our hero has a sharp sword. To use it in the game Lava Sword, we also need the left mouse button, clicking which will perform swing of this weapon. To destroy certain enemies, we need one hit, while other have flap sword several times in order to remove an obstacle from the path. Err you can not more than three times, because the lives you have just three. But they can be replenished, if the road to pick up the pieces of meat that will appear there quite often. Gradually prevent your hero will be more and more enemies, so you will need all your dexterity to the hero in the game Lava: Sword died and was able to get to those who need his help.