Game Santa's Helpers online

Game Santa's Helpers

Game Santa's Helpers online.

For a year the children are waiting for this holiday, when the snow falls and the parents bring home a beautiful Christmas tree. From this point, you can wait for gifts from the Christmas Santa. Surprises will appear in the New Year's Eve under the Christmas tree, and there will be only because a couple of Santa's helpers in the game Santa's Helpers. Not always are they able to cope with such an important responsibility, so they ask you to hurry to the rescue. Sleigh with reindeer already standing on the street waiting for the kids gnomes fill them with gifts that are looking forward to the children. The game Santa's Helpers you need to select your character, which you will be together to deal with the delivery boxes and toys in the sleigh. It can be a boy or a girl. Regardless of your choice, in the game you need to transfer gifts, bringing them to the sled. Your partner may find that you slowly do the job, therefore, unable to throw in a sleigh machine, it throws you have a teddy bear. It is impossible that at least one toy dropped by, because a child is not worthy to receive filthy surprise from Santa. In the game your hero Santa's Helpers also want to get a gold coin, but is it worth it to toy fell on the floor. After all, if the dwarf is distracted by a coin, you can align a gift. But he has only three chances to make mistakes. That is, the game is completed at a time when the snow falls fourth toy. Therefore, seeing a coin, think about whether you can manage to cope with all the right things.