Game Turbotastic online

Game Turbotastic

Game Turbotastic online.

I hope you know how to drive first-class, because it is this skill is useful to you in the game Turbotastic. In it you would be the driver of the machine that needs to go forward all the time, overcoming one meter by one. While driving at high speed need to be very focused and attentive, because you will always have to overtake other vehicles moving at a slower speed commuting time is given fifteen minutes, which can be increased by using an hourglass, which are on the road. Try not to fly over the track, because it will reduce the speed of your car to practically zero. And of course you need to go for a reason, and collecting boxes with gifts and gold coins. The more you collect them, the more experienced driver will consider all of you. This can help you bonuses that are located right on the road. From some you will turn into a big Bigfoot who is not afraid of a collision with other cars in the game Turbo Tastik. From the other the speed of your vehicle will be increased by a small amount of time that you will add adrenaline from the control of his car. After finishing the trip, you eventually will be able to see the result of his arrival, which will be specified: the number of collected coins and boxes, the number of meters and surmounted many cars failed to destroy during the movement. If you are not satisfied with this result, then we can immediately go to a new race to improve performance Turbotastic games.

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