Game No Arm Done online

Game No Arm Done

Game No Arm Done online.

Players who regularly looks in the gaming sites, has long been known hero boy named Ben Tennyson. You will meet again with him in our new game No Arm Done. This cheeky cocky teenager accidentally or may not have won the alien Omnitrix device, very similar to the ordinary wristwatch. With it, the boy can turn into one of the ten super interplanetary beings possessing great strength and weight unusual abilities. Over time, when the boy became a man, the number of superheroes increased significantly. Owning such a device places a huge responsibility on its carrier and Ben became the defender of humanity against the aggressive aliens from outer space. In our history, No Harm Done hero will meet with the infamous Kloktopusom. The huge creature - a robot with tentacles, can be cultivated in the enemy his fears than quite confusing and makes surrender. Ben already had occasion to deal with the monster, but could not defeat him. Maybe it will turn out now that you will come to the rescue with his agility and dexterity of an experienced player. To battle with the mutant squid Ben chose the image of a mighty man - chetyrerukogo stranger, representative tetramand race. The hero uses his embodiment, when there is a particularly difficult task in front of him. Your task - to dodge terrible tentacles simultaneously causing agile and strong blows on them to destroy. Follow circles, where he gains a red tint, wait for the attack and move to a safe place. The attacks will intensify, and, consequently, the number of simultaneously incident tentacles grow. To play the game No Arm Done, you can simply open it on our website, using your any device: computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Availability of internet connection - a guarantee that you will spend great time for new colorful and fascinating toy with an interesting plot. Save the planet with Ben and get a well-deserved fame.

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