Game Pony Candyland Run online

Game Pony Candyland Run

Game Pony Candyland Run online.

One pony was lucky enough to get into the magic world of the game Pony Candyland Run. And it is this terribly happy, because here there is a large amount of sweets, to which he, oddly enough, a big fan. It remains the most difficult - to collect all the sweets, while continuously moving forward. As it turned out, to make it quite difficult, because in the way of his career will always occur deep holes, through which you need to jump over. To jump, you can use any of the arrow on the keyboard. And of course you have to jump in the game for candy pony running in the candy country, which will be located at different heights. Be very attentive, helping his pony, because in your way will encounter crystals, to face that is absolutely impossible, so every time will take you one life. So also have to jump, overcoming interference in its path. And if you can not avoid a collision with an obstacle, it is necessary to use a special ability of our pony - running down his head in the clouds. Activate this ability using the Space key. But there have to be careful, because in Pony Candyland Run game in the clouds there are holes, once in that, our pony fly away into open space and have nothing to save. In doing so, help the pony to collect as many sweets and complete successfully its fascinating, but dangerous running in this country.

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