Game Catch the Candy online

Game Catch the Candy

Game Catch the Candy online.

In the game Catch the Candy, we'll move you to the wonderful world and get acquainted with the jelly cube Tom. He is very happy and cheerful character and he is very fond of sweets, especially lollipops. Today we will help you to get to him so his beloved sweets. We have before us on the screen will be visible to our main character, who is in a special place and does not move. We will also see the candies arranged in different places. In order that they sunk to your character we will need to strain your intellect. By cutting away the stones, using different mechanisms and springs jog, we have to calculate the trajectory of our candy. Also, to help us and will give the bombs that the explosion will change the trajectory of motion. Overall victory in every job depends on you, your attention, and logical thinking. Game Catch the Candy is quite interesting and focused on the development of intelligence of the players. Players of all ages opened Catch the Candy on our website from the first minute plunge into an interesting atmosphere and spend time informative and attractive.

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