Game Skatelander online

Game Skatelander

Game Skatelander online.

The event is scheduled Mankraft world worthy entry in the Guinness Book of Records and you will be a direct participant, if the game will go Skatelander. One guy is going to show the class, a ride along the promenade on a skateboard. On his intention to arrange extreme race, he told his family, friends, they told their friends, and that's already crowded bleachers fans and onlookers, eager fascinating spectacle. Do not disappoint the audience, because now it all depends on your skill and dexterity. Hero is actually a decent bouncer appeared, he just wanted to collect a bunch of people, and that the need to show a show, not thought. Help the hapless guy, you sure this happens. Horse on a skateboard in a reality requires some training, but in the virtual world is good enough to navigate on the computer keyboard, and have a good response. For a character in the game Skatelander prepared difficult track. The road is flat, without pits and bumps, but is filled with various obstacles: boxes, blocks, traffic cones. Time to react to their appearance and in time get to the race is not over, has barely begun. Some obstacles do not need to go around, they need to collect - a hefty bundles of banknotes. The money you need to get the opportunity to visit the store and buy all sorts of improvements to facilitate the task. Skatelander The game is suitable for any computing device: both fixed and mobile. If you play at home on your computer, use the arrow keys on your smartphone or tablet with a touch screen, run a finger. Deft maneuvers between obstacles will allow the character to meet the expectations of the audience, who are sick and worry about it, and you get points for good governance.

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