Game Draculaura Dress Up online

Game Draculaura Dress Up

Game Draculaura Dress Up online.

All the increasingly popular animated series Monster High, in which we can get acquainted with the girls and boys. Only it's not ordinary students, all of them are the children of monsters, vampires and werewolves. Specially allocated 5 students: Drakulaura, Laguna Blue, Frankie Stein, Claudine Wolfe and Abby Bomineybl. And in our game Draculaura Dress Up you can get to know Drakulauroy that is going to go to school after the summer holidays. All her friends have purchased a large number of fashionable costumes and of course she did not want to keep up with girlfriends. To do this, you need to help her create a new outfits of those things that are in her wardrobe. Rather, go to the Monster High School, where he will be dressing process. Once in place, you immediately meet our student, who is waiting for you to help her. Begin to sort things available, alternately putting them on our Drakulauru. At your disposal will be a large number of dresses, blouses, skirts, and a few pairs of shoes. Choose from them the most stylish and comfortable shoes. When the transformation process is complete, you can go to school to school, where she would wait for friends, who have accumulated a large number of news over the summer. And if you've done all right with the choice of dress, then do not pay attention to certain Claude Wolff, to which it is a long time not indifferent.

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