Game Jumper Pou online

Game Jumper Pou

Game Jumper Pou online.

The world of online gaming is full of a wide variety of characters, familiar to our understanding and not so. And today we are ready to introduce you to the character named Pou, who is a potato with eyes. And of course, this character just loves all sorts of adventures and never misses an opportunity to participate in a fun pastime, for example, such as in the game Jumper Pou. There Pou to be a large number of branches, which will allow him to climb to great heights. Let's go with him in this thrilling adventure and help him get to a height where it will be seen all over the world. To jump on the twigs have to hold our hero of his arm and start to send it from one platform to another. In the first few meters of the ascent is nothing difficult you will not have, to get to be quite simple to the next branch. But gradually the game Jumper Pou thrust force will increase and our hero will jump a few sprigs. It was then, and you will need all your dexterity in order to have time to send our character to another hard surface, from which he can push off even faster. The rise in the Jumper Pou game will have to continue for a long time, because the branches there will be a huge number, but our hero is never tired. If you make a mistake, the Pou to fall down from a great height and break and then have to start the entire rise from the start.

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