Game Lily Slacking Dating online

Game Lily Slacking Dating

Game Lily Slacking Dating online.

Girls are well acquainted with the baby Lily, she often spoils the players new adventures with humor and fun. You will not be bored in the game Lily Slacking Dating, where the heroine is going to introduce you to my boyfriend. It is really like a girl, and today they held their first date, which will be held in the city park. The heroine invites you to attend, and that you do not get bored, help her to make the meeting interesting, exciting and fun. Belle came up with different activities, the benefit in the park there are plenty of opportunities for fun and pleasure. Until a couple sitting on a bench and getting to know better, you can scavenge, distributing it to the ballot boxes in different colors and accessories. Remember that all the actions are limited in time, in addition to you will constantly interfere with a park ranger. It is impossible to guard caught you for any of the sessions. Immerse yourself in the game Lily Slacking Dating and send Lily to walk through the maze, look at the ladies handbag and finish card, which the baby has not had time to finish. Take a picture of the girl, not allowing the shot to hit her boyfriend in order to perform a task to make the maximum number of successful shots. Allow a couple to kiss, it is necessary to divert bulldog sleeping next to a park bench. Place your order at the head guy, he has long hair and Lily wants to braid them into braids, you will need skill to do it. When the caretaker, stop the case, then you will be able to continue them from the place where you left off. Three failures will throw you to the beginning of the game Lily Slacking Dating, so try not to make mistakes and not get caught. Total you will perform eight tasks and then it can be assumed that the meeting was successful Lily. Play with pleasure on any mobile carrier, the game perfectly and will without delay on your smartphone or tablet in any browser. No additional applications or programs are not needed, just open and enjoy the game. Good mood is guaranteed.

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