Game Zombie girlfriend online

Game Zombie girlfriend

Game Zombie girlfriend online.

Love - this is a serious thing, for the sake of her people are ready for more. Our hero in the game Zombie girlfriend loves his girlfriend, but it was a trouble - it turned into a zombie. World swept zombie epidemic, but the pair managed to avoid infection, they tried to stay together, but one guy was away for food and did not return. Girlfriend decided to enter the threshold of the house and immediately came under attack. She managed to escape, but the dead man had time to bite the poor girl. With each passing day it will turn into a soulless creature can attack and her lover, is urgently needed antidote and it is a zombie. Lover boy is ready to enter into battle with an army of monsters to rescue his beloved. You will help him in the game Zombie girlfriend. The pair sat in the car and tore right into the area where most zombies, where you can find a remedy. The dead, seeing live, immediately begin to chase, and you pressing the buttons on the bottom of the screen, make a hero to fight with his hands and feet from the attacking zombies. Grab the first aid kit and gave the girl, she immediately begins to recover. The hardest thing will be finished with the boss, here you will be combined blows. At the top you will see a combination that should be repeated as soon as possible to ditch the huge mutant. Game Zombie girlfriend will require from you a quick response and the ability to hold the keyboard when you play on your PC or laptop, if your mobile device, use touch controls, pressing the letters drawn in the game. If the hero is clearly to carry out your instructions, quick charge button super features, use them in a particularly difficult situation.

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