Game Battleships online

Game Battleships

Game Battleships online.

Who has not played in a naval battle in the back row at school during lessons or lectures at the institute. Today's pupils and students are addicted to more modern toys, but Battleships forever remain the most popular and accessible board game. The rules are simple - to destroy all enemy ships. To begin, place your squadron of five ships of the line in the designated area. To turn the ship, press the corresponding button on the left vertical panel. After placement of the battleships, click on the"shoot"and begin shelling the enemy field by clicking on the selected cell, so start Battleships. If you injure an enemy ship on the location of your shot will be a red mark. Who would kill the opponent faster ships, the winner in the naval battle. In the left pane you during the game will see the results of your shots and attack the enemy. The game has three modes: easy, medium and hard. Previously, to play a game of Battleships, was enough piece of paper and a pencil. And you do not even need now, just log into the game from your phone or tablet, and to fight with a virtual opponent. You even do not need a partner, you can play quietly, instead of a boring lecture.

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