Game Sofia Crazy Theme Hospital online

Game Sofia Crazy Theme Hospital

Game Sofia Crazy Theme Hospital online.

Beautiful Sofia though still a little girl, but quite clever and kind. So she decided to organize a hospital for poor people and animals. To open it, the girl must be enough medicines. The game Sofia Crazy Theme Hospital you go with this cute girl in search of pills, patches and medicinal syrups. The girl has detractors who are against free medicine. Therefore, they have placed a bomb that can kill the girl. To this does not happen you need to follow her every movement. Jumping from step to step, you will collect in the treasury of the drug, but if the next step is a bomb, make a jump through it. To the right you will see a button which helps to jump through two stages, and to the left - to jump on each. The faster you do it, and the more time you will have, and thus more useful materials and tools to collect kopilochku Sophia Belle in the game Crazy Hospital Sofia. For each collected item you get a certain number of points. Play Mad Sophia Hospital is so exciting that want to deal with these jumps everywhere, opening the game on your phone. Each time, you can set new records, moving down the stairs. It all depends on how fast you force Sophia to jump on the hospital stairs, bumping into a bomb. Thanks to your quick response, it is not only complete their stocks of medicines, but also to be able to bring a lot of points to make up the game.

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