Game Daily Shinro online

Game Daily Shinro

Game Daily Shinro online.

All those who love logic puzzles Minesweeper and Sudoku can rejoice, because there is a kind of hybrid of the two types and it's called Shinra. Presented the game is called - Daily Shinro, which means that you can play it on a daily basis. Of course, in the game there are only elements of the above puzzle, but it only makes it more interesting. The goal - to find on the playing field 8x8 twelve hidden balls. To locate them, you can focus on the numbers, the top and the side. They indicate how many balls should be in the row or column. In addition to the numbers on the field, there are arrows pointing in different directions. Each arrow will point you at least one non-circular element. However, do not rely too much on the arrows in the game Daily Shinro, some balls are hidden so well that none of the arrow does not see and does not indicate to them. If you understand the rules, start the game and enjoy the process. Opening all the balls, click on the question for the icon located on the right vertical panel, it will tell you how many balls installed correctly, but does not specify exactly what you have to think out for yourself. The game Daily Shinro two levels: simple and complex. We recommend to start with a simple, but ultimately you decide. Open the toy on mobile devices, and share your experiences with friends, playing simultaneously. Perhaps arrange exciting competition for a speedy resolution of the puzzle.

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