Game Tundra Run online

Game Tundra Run

Game Tundra Run online.

Movement - life, especially important in areas such as the north pole or the tundra, where ever there is a struggle for survival. And you have to be a witness of this struggle, in which will participate the young wolf, running all the time forward. We need to save power, do not know when will be the next successful hunt. And then these boxes, scattered people and other interference from a collision with whom will stray breath and spent additional forces to disperse. Therefore all obstacles need to jump on time, but that's the experience of a young wolf is not enough for the task. You'll have to help a predator to make it run without interruption contact with any obstacle. This will help you the up arrow on your keyboard, you have to push when in front of you will be the next hurdle in the game Tundra Run. If you do this correctly, the wolf will overcome the obstacle and continue its movement in the snowy country. Well, if you make a mistake, then the wolf stumble and the game running on the tundra over and you will be shown the result, which you can always try to improve. And it needs to start the game again Tundra Run and start to run from the beginning, looking more closely at what comes in the way of our wolf to keep up is to jump. Continue to run until the wolf reaches the point at which he so stubbornly non-stop running.

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