Game Mommy Princess Go Shopping online

Game Mommy Princess Go Shopping

Game Mommy Princess Go Shopping online.

One of the favorite activities of the two cute princesses is shopping. While young children are engaged mom, shopping trip - this is one of the most enjoyable hobbies and Rapunzel Belle. The game Mommy Princess Go Shopping Two cute girlfriends go to a huge shopping mall. You can find clothes for every taste. With each princess you can go to the boutiques to buy new clothes for her and her baby. The girls will be with you the whole $ 1,000. So before you buy everything, think about whether you have enough for shoes and handbag, if you buy two dresses. And they love to dress up their kids, so no new suits for the kids to the store you do not get out. Buy a dress for girls is pretty simple in the game Princess-mom on shopping. You'll go into a clothing store, and treat with clothes hangers. If you like something to try on the princess. To bring the beauty of this thing home, just press the button - buy. Of course, your account will disappear a little bit of money, but in this - that the essence of shopping - spend money and get beautiful things. Play Princess-mom on shopping can be a long time and every time to make a new selection of clothing for girls or kids. On the mobile phone to play at all easy. Therefore, the reasons to delay the march on shopping, although virtual, do not. I feel like a real fashionista able to spend a lot of money for a trip to the mall. If you like to visit beauty salons, there is nothing to prevent send her character to change the hairstyle or make stacking.

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