Game Pony fly in a fantasy world online

Game Pony fly in a fantasy world

Game Pony fly in a fantasy world online.

As a child, when we sleep, our fantasy dream takes us into dreamland. In our imagination we travel in the world of magic and are familiar with a variety of fantastic creatures. Today, the game Pony fly in a fantasy world, we'll move you to the country and get acquainted with a pink pony Albert. It's pretty cute and pretty good creature has the ability to fly. And today we are going to help our hero learns to fly. We have before us on the screen to stretch the celestial spaces and our hero bravely stepping off a cliff begins its flight. Your task is to help him stay in the air. By clicking the mouse on the screen, we will hold our hero in the air. On his way will meet various obstacles and traps into which we must not fall. So be careful and fly about them. If you do not come you will encounter obstacles, our hero will die. With each level the number of traps will increase and you will be all the more difficult levels. But showing your care you will cope with all the problems and help Albert learns to fly normally. Game Pony fly in a fantasy world has an interesting script and famously traced graphics. Players of all ages opened Pony fly in a fantasy world on our website with pleasure spend their leisure time helping the pink pony in his adventures.

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