Game Prince & princess : Kiss quest online

Game Prince & princess : Kiss quest

Game Prince & princess : Kiss quest online.

Today we want to introduce you to the Prince & princess game: Kiss quest. The main characters of the game Prince Alfred and Princess Jane. These young people met at one of the balls, which gave the father of our heroine in honor of her birthday and fell in love. But the ball is attended by another prince. He was the son of the tyrant king of a neighboring country and also has his eye on the princess. At night, he stole it, took to his kingdom, imprisoned in a high tower and the enchanted spell of memory loss. Now our Alfred necessary to rescue our princess and kiss, because only a kiss of true love can remove the witch's curse. Once you get to the tower, we saw that the prince along the wall grows hedge consisting of vine shoots. He decided to climb up to these stems to the tower We are with you will help him in this. Climbing to the top, we will be closer to the princess. But on top of us will drop different items and we have to dodge them. You can do this simply by my side we go up or jumping from the stem to the stem. If the falling object hit with our hero, he slips, falls down and dies. Just down the road collect the red hearts, they will help offset your life line, which is displayed on the gauge at the bottom left of the screen. So meter by meter, we will overcome all obstacles and be able to rescue the princess. Game Prince & princess: Kiss quest has excellent graphics and interesting game scenario. Players of all ages will spend time fun playing it. Open Prince & princess: Kiss quest on our website and give love to connect our hearts.

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