Game Run or Die online

Game Run or Die

Game Run or Die online.

This cute boy carried away by serious occupation. He decided that he did not have enough adrenaline in his boring life, and decided to do parkour. This can only get involved in strong-willed and fearless people, because it cost you only once make a mistake and you can be killed or maimed. But our hero Game Run or Die is not concerned, since he went on the roofs of industrial buildings, to arrange a race there. That he was successful, the guy must have special skills, but in the game Run or die, you have to manage it, so your skills are considered. And it must be agility, sharpness and the ability to control your phone. Since parkour is the ability to move on any platform and jump over the distance, the boy decided to train on the roofs. This is the most dangerous, because the costs only to stumble and fall down. Man can manage with a simple click on it, and if you need to do a double jump, then click on it again when he is in the air. In this game you can not procrastinate, and yawn, because you control not only the movement of parkurschika, but also his life. your hero will be lucky if you can run a long distance. Sometimes it is not easy to get between the two buildings, which are built close to each other.

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