Game Gold Mine Strike Christmas online

Game Gold Mine Strike Christmas

Game Gold Mine Strike Christmas online.

The game Gold Mine Strike Christmas you will meet Santa Claus gold miner. At a time when there is no need to deliver gifts, Santa is engaged in the completion of the budget. For the smooth operation of its plant for packaging gifts necessary funds. Even if the assistants are working on a voluntary basis, for the packaging material needed money, so Santa occasionally moonlights, descending into the mine. Gold mine located near the property Santa and he invites you to work with him. The task - to collect the required number of points, destroying two or more identical blocks arranged side by side. The hero of the game Gold Mine Strike Christmas has a magic pick, which he will throw on your team in a tedious set of blocks to pick them up at the same time he will stand still. Block breed will periodically move the signal to the motion will fill the scale at the top horizontal bar, where you will see and the tasks needed to progress through the levels. Gold Mine Strike Christmas - it's a game that you can play on a mobile device: smartphones or tablets. Now the desire to play your favorite game is not limited to your location, the main condition is the presence of the Internet, no more barriers can not be including the exchange of browser or operating system.

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