Game Pancake Bar online

Game Pancake Bar

Game Pancake Bar online.

Pancakes - that's the food that adore all, without exception, and it is due to the fact that they may wrap any filling: meat, fruit, vegetable, or cuts. Pancakes can be a main dish, second and dessert, so opening a cafe Pancake Bar, which sells exclusively pancakes - it's a great idea. Shortage of stock is not, for a start you have in stock will be chocolate syrup, meat, spices and cheese. Pay attention to the recipe book, it is near the phone in the bottom right corner. Read it, and if possible, memorize the recipes, not to look endlessly and do not waste time, you do it will not be too much, because that visitors are hungry and do not want to wait long. To form the food, click on the ingredients, they will appear in the middle panel, activate the yellow button"Create"and the ever-moving tape counter will order a dish and the visitor that he ordered, will take the treat. If you have laid out on a tray the wrong foods on the counter will slide much like the dung, you do not want to feed the customers Squalor. The products will be consumed rapidly in Pancake Bar, do not allow empty cells in time to order the necessary goods from the warehouse, by clicking on the telephone and selecting on the list, but remember that it's not free. To complete a level, earn the minimum required amount of money. Make a successful restaurant, and business is booming, not allowing customers to leave without pancakes. Now the game Pancake Bar is available on mobile devices, use this unique opportunity to enjoy the game.

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