Game Circle Runner online

Game Circle Runner

Game Circle Runner online.

Today we introduce you to the game Circle Runner. She tells us about the wonderful world filled with magic and magical items. The main hero of the game Brad Miner is engaged in mining of various minerals and gems. As it traveled across the expanses of his native planet, he stumbled upon a magical portal, which threw him into the wonderful world. There was a lot of jewels and our hero of his stuffed backpack. But now he will have the most difficult thing is to get out. To return he must get up to speed running in a circle on a special artifact made in the role of the ball. But it will interfere with the traps in the form of columns appearing in the surface of the ball. You have to help our hero does not run into them. To do this, he will run up to them, you need to click the mouse on the screen. Then the bar and bounce our hero will be able to run under it. So running in a circle, you will increase the speed and dodging traps. Important Be careful and show your reaction speed. Game Circle Runner is an interesting story and attract the attention of players from the first minutes of the game. We are sure that you are happy to spend their time playing it. Open Circle Runner on our website and help our adventurers return home to their homeland.

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