Game Don't Cut Yourself online

Game Don't Cut Yourself

Game Don't Cut Yourself online.

Pirates - the legend of the seas marine who lived plunder and robbery of ships extracting many treasures. But even though they were criminals and they still had their own code of honor, and a set of rules by which they live. Some issues are solved by a variety of games such as gambling and others. Today, the game Do not Cut Yourself you and take part in one of them. As the protagonist of the game Pirate Fred argued with their brethren that the dispute after the adoption of the punch can prove to them that he was clever and his good eye will not fail him. The point of this contest is simple. Our hero put his hand on the table. In the other he takes the knife. Now, making movement around the arm he needed to knock the knife between the fingers. Naturally, we should not fall into their body. To get into it allowed a total of three times. If you get more than you lose. With every minute the hand with the knife will move faster and you will need to react quickly to what is happening and show the wonders of dexterity that would prove all the pirate team that you are the most clever pirate. Game Do not Cut Yourself a very exciting and has a great story and well-thought-out schedule. Opening the Do not Cut Yourself on our website you will be happy to spend their time.

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