Game Block Snake online

Game Block Snake

Game Block Snake online.

Remember the most famous in the world of the game Snake? It was the first game that won the hearts of many gamers around the world. After all, when it appeared the game industry was not highly developed, but due to its simplicity, it has become the most popular. Today we want to present to your court new game Block Snake which is the successor of the game. But thanks to the developers became more interesting, she changed the story a bit and play now in it you can not only gaming console, but also on modern mobile phones. Now we will try to explain its rules. Before you on the screen will be visible path going across the clearing. On it will crawl your snake. On its way will meet various obstacles and traps. Of course we must not get caught in them and in no case should not face obstacles or else the snake will die. On the way, collect items that are necessary for the growth of our snakes. After all, your main task is to grow it to a certain size. But we are sure you will cope with the task. Block Snake game is quite interesting and is designed for players of any age. All who love interesting skill games with pleasure opening Block Snake on our spend your time playing it.

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