Game Mega Runner online

Game Mega Runner

Game Mega Runner online.

In the vastness of space hides many planets inhabited by different creatures. In some worlds ruled by magic and sorcery, others went on technogenic way. Today Mega Runner game we just would get you into a world where people have gone on the way of development of science and technology. Civilization has reached great heights and of course became a space to conquer and researcher around the world in search of suitable for human colonization. For this purpose developed a special apparatus called a runner and you his pilot. Your machine will throw off the planet from orbit, and it will run along the path of making various investigations and taking samples of flora and fauna. But on the way of movement it will wait a variety of traps and dangers that we need to overcome. No wonder the device is called a jumper, it will be all of them jump. To do this, you simply need to click the mouse on the monitor screen or your finger on the sensor and the jumper will jump and fly over obstacles. But remember if you come across them or fall on the spikes the machine is broken and you do not pass the level. With each new location will increase the difficulty. Be careful to correctly count their steps. Game Mega Runner is quite interesting and will develop your eye and reaction speed. Players of any age and sex with pleasure will spend their time playing it. Feel free to open the Mega Runner and try your hand at managing the device.

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