Game Candy Rush 2 online

Game Candy Rush 2

Game Candy Rush 2 online.

All the children and the majority of adults are very fond of various sweets. Cakes, pies, sweets - all this is absorbed daily by people in the modern world in large volumes. Today, the game Candy Rush 2 we get you to the fabulous plant that produces a lot of different delicious chocolates and try to participate in the process of their production. Our task crap them as much as possible. But the production of something magical. This means that we face on the screen will appear a variety of candy, they are mixed together. Our common task is to find among them are the same and are located next to each other. You need to put the same in a series of three pieces and then they disappear from the screen and you will be given points for it. Thus you will earn points and clear the field. Having reached a certain amount, you will be taken to the next level. Just remember that they will appear different bonuses that will help you during the game. Game Candy Rush 2 is quite interesting and we are sure to attract your attention. An interesting and beautiful graphics and funny plot all this creates an interesting atmosphere that absorb you. Open Candy Rush 2 on our website and try to pass this puzzle game to the end.

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