Game Zombie Crashing online

Game Zombie Crashing

Game Zombie Crashing online.

Many people love to watch a variety of horror films of different monsters. Especial popular movies about zombies. But it would be if all these horror stories were true? Today, developers will take us into the world where such a tragedy really occurred in the game Zombie Crashing. Because of curiosity, one of the scientists who conducted a lot of experiments with biological breeding strains of different viruses in the world, there was an accident. Due to an accident in the laboratory of one of the virus escaped to freedom bringing death to many people. But it was not so bad, because the dead began to participate as a living dead - zombies. These monsters have become preys on people and turn them to like themselves. The main character of this game simple guy Tom, who worked on the truck driver. When the disaster struck, he just engaged the carriage of goods. Instantly realizing what is going on, our hero decided to help the people who were still alive, and you will help him in this. You will go by car on the track and push the zombies running at him. They pursue normal Luda, which you will thus save. By the way you can not push them, because if you hook the normal person will lose. Be careful, carefully drive the car and saves people from the monsters. Game Zombie Crashing due to developers has a pretty interesting storyline. It will blow you away so that you will not be able to break away for a moment not playing it. Open Zombie Crashing on our website and try their hand in the fight against zombies.

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