Game Mufy online

Game Mufy

Game Mufy online.

Dragons - mythical creatures living in the legends of many peoples. In many of these legends they showed their wise creatures, great magicians and of course the hosts of heaven. But of course, before they become so small they were dragons. And today in the game Mufy we are acquainted with a young little dragon Mafi. He was born a couple of dragons and different high curiosity. And because it when his parents flew away on business, he escaped from the cave that would explore the world. So roaming the area near the mountain where they lived, he lost his way a little bit and ended up in the valley which is filled with traps. Now he has to walk this path and find the way home. Let's help the young whelps in this adventure. We need to run down the path that leads to the cave home of our hero. But on the way we in danger in the form of dips in the ground. We need to deftly jump over gaps and carefully watch the road. After all, if we get to the failure of the hero he will fall to the bottom and die. But we are sure that you will help Mafi get home safe and sound. Mufy game is quite interesting and is developed using HTML5 platform. This allows players to play it on every device. Open Mufy on our website and participate in dragon adventures.

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