Game Moana New Year Collection online

Game Moana New Year Collection

Game Moana New Year Collection online.

Today we want to introduce you to the game Moana New Year Collection. In it we will carry with you on a distant planet in the fabulous world where lives an interesting semi mythical tribe. In many ways they are similar to us. They also work and celebrate holidays like us. But still their world filled with magic, and it certainly makes a difference in their lives. The main hero of the game the representative of the tribe called Moaña. As he decided to please the Christmas holidays his family various unique gifts. He did not buy them in the magic shop and decided to go to a magical forest where the lake where there are magic shells and get there with the help of a magical hook unique gifts. You and I can help him in this. For a start, we will go on location and find the magic shells. Once we find them, we need to stand up to them. Performing these steps we will see how things will be made of shells. Now our task is to help the magical hook to catch them. Seeing their movement, calculate the trajectory of the throw and throw his hook. Once you move into the subject in his backpack. So you will collect gifts for loved ones Moana. Game Moana New Year Collection has quite famously traced graphics and well thought-out plot. Everyone who opens Moana New Year Collection on our website with pleasure spend time playing it. So sit back and help the main character in his adventures.

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