Game Shoot The Aliens online

Game Shoot The Aliens

Game Shoot The Aliens online.

Today we want to introduce you to a new game Shoot The Aliens. It developers through the script will take us into the distant future of our planet. People travel through space, colonize the planet, trade with other alien races, but the cradle of their civilization and left our home planet Earth. As the years passed, humanity has lived in the world, but as always, the golden age of peace came to an end. In the most distant corners of space alien race living with increased aggression. They have long been spying on humanity and realized that if one blow to destroy our home planet of the colony will be on their own and without control. And then came the day when the armada of ships emerged orbiting planet Earth was attacked. You are the commander of the station, which flies in orbit and is one of many that are on the perimeter is guarded by our planet. Your task is controlling the station to fire from all the guns at the enemies and destroy them. After all, if even one of the ships break through the atmosphere it attacks people of the city. During the battle, you'll knock out the enemies of various bonuses that will help you in the fight. With each new level the number of enemies will increase, so be very careful and concentrated because the future of humanity depends on you. Game Shoot The Aliens is quite interesting and you are happy to spend time playing it. Open Shoot The Aliens on our website and battle hordes of enemies.

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