Game Jewelry Puzzle online

Game Jewelry Puzzle

Game Jewelry Puzzle online.

Jewellers - people who know how to work with precious stones, from which they create real works of art. But what would become a true master in the jewelry business, you need to go through a long learning and develop the ability to understand the stone. Today, the game Jewelry Puzzle we proceed with you to the academy jewelers. Only it is in the fairy-tale world where there is still preserved the magic. Going into her training, we will be asked to pass the exam. It will take place in several stages. Its main goal is that you have to show their ingenuity and ability to work with stones. Before us is a broken board in the cell. To her right, will appear gems that form a geometric shape. Our task to carry them on board. At the same time we will not be able to change their location. But we need to build a whole series of them. As soon as we manage to combine together the items, we will give points and they disappear from the screen. What would go on tour, we need to get a certain number of points. But we are confident that you can handle and pass this exam. Game Jewelry Puzzle has an interesting plot and funny traced graphics. This creates an indescribable atmosphere of the game. Players of all ages with pleasure will spend their time playing in Jewelry Puzzle from our site. You can recommend it to your friends and arrange a competition playing it. And let them win the smartest.

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